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The SAN DIEGO CHAPTER OF MARC/MAFCA is a non profit club dedicated to the restoration and enjoyment of the  Ford's 

Model A.   These cars were in production from 1928 to 1931.  We are a family club and meet the second Friday of each month, 

7:00 P.M. at the San Carlos Rec. Center 6445 Lake Badin Ave. San Diego, Ca.  Come join us.  Ownership of a Model A is not 




Dave Johnson 1st Place in touring with 383 points!

Nayola winning Best of Show in original class of fashions with 150 points of a possible 150 points!

Click here to read about the lastest news from Dave & Betsy Johnson, Rich & JoBeth Stelzerand, Arlyn & Nayola Bieber at the meet.


New Club Logos being considered

At the last monthly meeting we displayed the Logo's being considered.
They are numbered as those on display at the Meeting. Double click on image to enlarge the picture.

Please respond with your ideas and suggestions to be shared without reference to any individual.
Email Bud at w.swartwood@cox.net

1A    1B

  2A    2B


Logo Comments:

Please note: Comments are edited only to provide anonymity to the sender.

A) A palm tree AND a surfboard are a little over the top.  I would like to see something that also reflects our mountains..
     I am not certain if that round thing is the sun,or the moon. If it is the sun it should have some rays emitting out from it...
    Also, It was mentioned at the meeting that some members may want more than one type of logo.
    A humorous one is O.K. for personal display but the club needs a consistent one that will appear on letterhead,business cards,etc.
    Just a thought

B) My favorites are either 1B or 3, the ones with a "humorous" touch.

C) I like 1B as the fun logo. Then 2B as the main logo, with the car in red instead of blue.

D) I have found that the back of the shirt, jacket, etc. is large enough to hold a lot of detail and multiple colors where the front,
    with its smaller size, can't hold all the detail the back can. I have found that a cleaner logo with not too much detail or just
    "San Diego Model A Club" in a styled font looks classy and is easy to read from the front.

E) One thought on having multiple designs for different shirts, that was brought up on Friday, is that for each design there will be a
    separate set-up fee. If you are ordering lots of shirts with each design, then the extra cost can be easily absorbed because of volume.
    But if not, then that will add extra cost to the shirts when having multiple set up fees

F) I like the 1A best of all. We do not need the surf boards or the broken down or repairing of our cars. There are too many coupes all ready.

G) I like 2A with second choice 2B. Can’t wait to see which one wins.

H) I like 1B as the main logo. Then 2B as the fun logo, with the car also in red.

I) I like 1B

J) Hi Bud, if I were to make a choice, it would be 2B, I really do not like the guy fixing the car, I am not sure the couple is a good idea,
    just does not look good to the eye. The surf board really looks out of place, and I am not really sure if the palm tree is a good idea either.
    The basic part of the logo with the coupe, and the Club Name looks really good. I even kind of like the bridge, since we were in the
    opening ceremonies, and carried Dignitaries from Coronado on the last ferry across the bay, then we were some of the first over the
    bridge, and met President Reagan. A real fun day. More than anything else, just remember the KISS principal, keep it simple s---------.

K) It will be difficult to encompass EVERYONE'S desires such as some members have sedan and pick-up models instead of coupes.
    It may be too convoluted, and not cost effective to have each member select what is appropriate for them as far as models are concerned....

L) I vote for 2b with red car, love the sun coming up over the bridge, seen it many times, love also 1a, but car to me in that one,
    the way it's positioned not that recognizable, the A in 2b speaks model A loud and clear. Also less is more, surfboards, feet, wrench, oil leak,
    I agree over the top, for a main logo

M) Hi everyone, We enjoyed reviewing the various logos and comments from everyone. We think that Logo 1A is clean and simple,
    so this one could be used for all needs. It may be less confusing and more consistent if we have one main logo instead of two.
    Logo 1A reflects the spirit of San Diego without the surfboards. I'm an avid surfer, but don't think we need one on the logo.
    We're looking forward to seeing what everybody decides. Best regards,

N) Just one additional comment to my support for 2b since it has sun coming up over bridge, which gives you a taste of San Diego,
    I think that substituting a palm tree for an American flag would be very cool, and colorful. Always thought of the model A as"Americana"
    We open every meeting with the pledge, but we can put a flag in any of the logos we choose




left to right:  Tom Ace:  Judy Boyer Recording Secretary, Bud Swartwood Asst. Director (parardes), Roxy Faust Treasurer, Paul Winchester Tours Director, Arlyn Bieber Technical Director,  and Dave Johnson Director.





 MAFFI Model A Ford Museum Opening By Ed  Woodruff

Since this hobby has meant so much to me and has been a dominant force in my life, plus the fact that our club and its members contributed to the museum I wanted to see it for myself.  I joined Pete Walstrom (former member of our club who now lives off the coast of Seattle) and we met in Detroit.  We made the base of our stay Dearborn, Michigan.   Yes Ford Nirvana.  There is just so much to see!  We visited the Henry and Greenfield Village, Henry Ford's dedication museum's to the history that went on during his life and beyond.  We also visited the former and large scale production site of the Model T known as the Piquette,  just opened this year. From there we ventured to the former Rouge Plant which is now dedicated to building F-150 Pickups.  Each of these venues I could spend a lot of Quail Call space talking to you about because they are very interesting and wonderful in themselves. Alas I will focus my discussion here on the opening of the MAFFI Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan.

 Hickory Corners?  Where is that?  Why there?  Well first it is located about 18 miles north of Kalamazoo, Michigan at what is called “The Gilmore”.  The Gilmore is located in some of the most beautiful farm land I have ever seen.  It is so green.  The Gilmore was started in 1963 by Donald Gilmore when his wife gave him a 1920 Pierce-Arrow project car.  How about that for a gift?   This led to Mr. Gilmore buying 90 acres of farmland, the transporting of a number of very large old barns and reassembling them on the property.  Today it has marques such as Cadillac, Packard, Franklin, Lincoln and many others are represented.  One of the unique things about the barn collections is that you can go right up beside the cars no ropes, no one saying you are too close.  The museum grounds also include a complete 1930's Shell gas station, pedal car barn, hood ornament barn and marque badges, small town train station, authentic diner, CCCA car collection, gift shop, motorcycle barn and now of course the Model A Ford Museum.

In a word the museum is fantastic!  The museum has some 12,000 square feet of space and room to expand.  I know I am slightly biased here but of all the museums it is really the finest.  The outside is designed and really looks like a Model A era Ford dealership.  It isn't just a car display.  It is a history of the Model A. The MAFFI museum includes: the first Model A Phaeton driven off the assembly line by Henry Ford and given to Edison, Huff and Puff the Model A bus, US Postal truck, Double A Stake bed truck with dual sets of rear wheels and was used to build Hoover Dam, Double A Service Car, and many other Model A body styles are represented.  Inside also are: Karen Wittkop's super die cast model display, a Hubley display set up  as a factory assembly line, Vern's suit, originally owned by JudyJo' dad is right in the front as you walk in.  Wonderful display!  The Coalfield Ad collection with over 900 hundred ads in it, and a Parts Department including originally boxed items. The Ford Motor company also had Edsel' Ford's Model A Phaeton there.  Beautiful car.  More than three hundred Model A's of all years and body styles came from far and near to be a part of this.

It was a once in a life time experience for me. If you ever get a chance go!  Our contributions by both club and individual have been well  spent!                       


     Ed outside the MAFFI Museum                                             Ray & JudyJo Beardslee outside museum entrance          


























Updated 07/19/14

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